Workshops & Special Events

Celebrate our One Year Anniversary – Sept 9, 9am to 2:30pm

9:00AM Puja
9:15AM to 11:30AM Free yoga class
12:00N Snacks & Beverages provided by Curry Station & friends
1PM Indian Fashion Show sponsored by India Artisans

Up-Coming Iyengar Yoga Workshops

9.4. Care Class for the Neck & Shoulders
Modern life weighs heavy on the neck and shoulders. Pain and reduced mobility can come from a traumatic injury or simply the stiffness and misalignments from time spent sitting (at the computer, behind the wheel, texting, and phone use). This 3-week series is designed to provide you with relief from pain, and teach you poses and actions to improve shoulder and neck mobility and stability. 9/4, 9/11, 9/18. 5:45 – 6:45PM. Sign up here. 
$60.00 for the series; limit 6 to a series.

9.14 Yoga Philosophy Class
(yes, we’ve changed it to the 2nd Friday of this month because of the instructor’s travel schedule). Everyone is welcome: no requirements, no prior yoga experience needed.

There are 196 sutras. Each time we get together we briefly review the first four sutras so that we stay grounded in the basics; and, anyone can join the class at any time. This month we focus on sutras I. 36 to I.40 and explore the different practices for cultivating the inner stability necessary to experience ultimate freedom. Required text: A sutras book of your choosing. The Iyengar community gravitates towards BKS Iyengar’s or Edwin Bryant’s interpretation – but any you prefer is fine. Sign up here.

9.15. Experienced Students Needed for Free Classes!
Sign up online to support Deborah’s preparation for her upcoming assessment. Each class is 50 minutes, 6 poses include a sirsasana variation.  We’d like to have 8-12 experienced students in the class, capable of sirsasana near the wall, sarvangasana in the middle of the room. 

11.17. Introductory Assessment 
will be held at the Postures school in Naples, and volunteer students for the teachers going up for Introductory Certification are needed. Save the date, details to come.

12.21 Senior teach JOHN SCHUMACHER
will be at the Postures school in Naples, teaching two classes. Details to come, so save the date! He is one of our community’s most beloved teachers.


Linda DiCarlo here March 2019. Details to come.